Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some Great News About Maple Syrup for Diabetics

We are always interested in diabetic cooking around here, since Cussing Granny and my dear sister Auntie Em both have to deal with it. I'm very excited today! Anyone else remember my wonderful recipe for blender pancakes using whole grains of wheat that are soaked overnight? Well, I recently received further reason to use pure maple syrup. We can't eat a stack of ten pancakes, but we can use the syrup in moderation. I wanted to share this article by Sandy W. Harris:

What Everybody Should Know About Diabetes Prevention with Maple Syrup
Based on the latest studies of US researchers, it has been found that maple syrup can significantly reduce the growth of some types of cancer cells. Studies also showed that it can also considerably decrease the risk of diabetes. Evidences have been discovered pointing to the fact that maple syrup has thirteen previously unknown antioxidant compounds. These antioxidants have special properties that make them very effective against cancer, diabetes,and bacterial infection.
Maple Syrup as an Anti Diabetic Food
Maple syrup contains high levels of phyto hormone and abscisic acid.According to research, this type of acid is a natural defense in controlling diabetes and other metabolic syndromes. The acid is effective because it has the potential to encourage the release of insulin through the pancreatic cells. It can also enhance the fat cell’s sensitivity to insulin. The studies on maple syrup and its effects on diabetes have been reviewed by experts.The results of these studies were revealed before the American Chemical Society in San Francisco.
Maple Syrup as Your Best Chance against Cancer
Researchers in Quebec recently conducted a study on the anti cancer activity of maple syrup. The result of the study was published in the Journal of Medicinal Food. The study showed that maple syrup has the capability to slow down the growth of cancer cells. Specifically, the syrup significantly slowed down the growth of cancerous cells in the prostate, brain and lungs. Meanwhile, the activity against breast cancer growth showed less significant results.
The Best Anti Cancer and Anti Diabetes Food
Maple syrup can serve as your tasty alternative in fighting cancer and diabetes. There are many anti cancer foods today like blueberries,tomatoes, broccoli, and carrots. However, recent studies have shown that maple syrup is more effective against cancer compared to other anti cancer foods. Laboratory testing results also show that the syrup is more potent compared to the maple sap.It is also ideal to use the pure dark syrup rather than the lighter syrup. Dark syrup has high color oxidation. This is the reason why darker maple syrup should be preferred. So if you want a better alternative to fight cancer and diabetes, then your favorite maple syrup is a good option.
Reference: Journal of medicinal food. 01/02/2010; ISSN: 1557-7600, OI:10.1089/jmf.2009.0029 "

About the Author, Sandy W. Harris writes for the diabetic dip recipes blog her personal hobby website focused on healthy recipes ideas to prevent, cure and manage diabetes.

Thank you Sandy!


Marylois said...

Is this type 1 or type 2 diabetes?

Chef Tess said...

Granny has type 2 and Auntie Em has type 1. I am understanding that it applies to both, but I need to read the research to be sure. We should ask Sandy.

Lynn said...

This is exciting news to me. I actually have been doing something right without knowing it. I have used real maple syrup for years. I don't use a lot, but it has such a great taste. I never wanted to go back to the flavored sugar water anyway. I have Type II and so have used syrup very sparingly. But when I have a taste for a sweet treat, I will include maple syrup a little more. I use agave a lot and really like that as well. Thank you for the info.

jenifer said...

thank you!! i want to make my own sweets(Xorbitant at health- food stores) and was really confused, even googling, what to choose. dr. mercola exposres health risks of agave, so it was between honey, molasses barley or rice syrup ETC. for that syrupy consistency i need, and then stumbled upon your 'google' and am thrilled re maple syrup for diabetics!

thank you SO much. i will bookmark your site. jenifer in ojai