Friday, August 12, 2011

BFFF! Friday's Fun! Good News from Gingham and Giveaway Results!

Friday is the day I do a grand tour of some of my Best Friends, Food and Finds! Here's this week's Festive Friday Frolic! 
First always, my amazing friends from Gingham Project
Sister Daisy's Kids  reports some GOOD NEWS! We now have sponsors for 8 of our children! I love hearing this news! 
These kids have an additional challenge. They are orphans. Their parents have died of AIDS- the stigma of the disease adding difficulties to their situation in India. The kids are working hard and they are moving forward. They really do need our help, though.  Our primary goal is to find a sponsor for each child. We are also working on special projects to make their home a safer place to live, such as adding railings to a rooftop terrace. Sponsoring a child’s shelter, food, education and related supplies  is only $30 per month. 100% of all donations go directly to the children’s care. Everyone involved is 100% volunteer.

Please take time to meet the kids and see different projects we are working on here:Sister Daisy's Kids
If you want to want to see how you can help without donating money go here:  Help Feed Kids, No Cash Required
This is one that I think would be EPIC! Meet my friend  Natarajan ( age 19, fully orphaned, has lived in the orphanage for many years. He helps watch after the younger kids. He is hoping to go to college- he is intersted in technology)
Melanie Johnson from Gingham Project (on Facebook here wrote, "One of our supporters made this post on their wall this morning "Make a wish and who knows, someone, somewhere where make your wish come true" . This got me to thinking about some of the older kids I know who would wish for someone to pay for a full year of college. Ha! Seems pretty unlikely that many of us can do that for some random kid. BUT, then I kept thinking... maybe one of you know someone who is willing to make a one time donation of $500 USD... it's a generous amount, but not really out of reach for most Americans. GUESS WHAT?!?! That amount actually would pay for college tuition at a tech school in India for one year. Who wants to make the dream of a college education come true for Natarajan ?"
It would be EPIC huh? Contact Gingham Project here to help.

Next Friend.
An old friendship renewed! Meet Nancy Banner!
 We went to culinary school together and recently reconnected on Facebook! I was so excited to find that we both still share the same passion for food...and nutrition! Nancy is the owner of
The Holistic Kitchen! What I liked seeing was that is a holistic way of eating to fight cancer and other diseases...Go NANCY!  

The Holistic Kitchen
Holistic Kitchen on Facebook

 One more friend:  This is my nephew Jake-Jake. I met him for the first time on my trip to Utah and I fell instantly in love.
 You'll see the other nephew's in the next bit. There are now five of them in Utah between my sisters...and one on the way! Congrats to my sista' Jen!
 This Friday's Finds! 
Preparing Wisely has some of the tri-color "rainbow" quinoa in stock now! I was so excited to see it and try it out!
 Look how pretty it is next to the black quinoa!
 Nice in pilaf too! Oh heaven! I'm a big fan! Thank you Troy and Tracy Adair for this one!
Next find:
Here's a cool thing...and a shameless plug for something FREE.  My Chef Tess phone app is done! Do you have it? Get it here ! Get connected to all things Crazy  Awesome!
Friday's Facebook Friend's Food

I love Kim Carpenter-Lang! We met at a Valley Dish filming where she was making her Gourmet Pasta for Tram.  It was delightful!   She has some amazing yummy food on her blog  called The Vegan Conversion Challenge.
 See it  here: Kim shared this picture on Facebook of her latest brunch...and I was drooling! Thank you Kim! You're awesome!

More Friends, Finds and Food will be up next week. 
  OH...and we did have giveaway results huh?
Who won? Did you miss the Giveaway?  Here we go:

Lori P won the Lucy meets Chef Tess apron
Jeri won the Washboard 50's apron
Angela won the Country Flair Apron
Marlena  won the Vintage kitchen towel

Spice blends:
Shae Ko
Salas Mama
Emily B
Michelle Nielsen
Team Jensen
Ruth Haas
Mike T
Lin Sue Cooney
Alice Cindy

There you go! Those who won, please send me your address for shipping the loot!
Smooches and Xoxo!

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