Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mom's Emergency Chocolate Meltdown Cake in a Jar Guest Post

 I've been working pretty hard on the dessert section of the upcoming book for meals in a jar (scheduled to be released December of this year). Even though my main food storage is focused on main course meals made simple, I also have a plan for a few treats.  That being said, I've put something in my closet for those Mom emergencies...

It looks like this. It is a chocolate gooey happy jar-version of my darling  Heather's Warm Chocolate Pudding Cake. It is ridiculous
Yes. I am admitting that we have chocolate cake under the bed. It is scary really how secure I suddenly feel...So scary. Not as scary as when mom has a meltdown...(admit it). Nobody is perfect. This is for the not-so-perfect moment when mom just needs a little chocolate cake.

 If you need the recipe, I shared it as a guest on one of my favorite blogs, The Cookin' Cousins. It is the official blog of Honeyville Farms (and yes, I am their company chef). I love having the chance to share with their readers and you as well!

So go see the post  on the The Cookin' Cousins Here!

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess


Linda said...

Will the new cookbook have the same recipes as your other cookbook for the meals in a jar? Or, will they be all new meals in a jar?

Chef Tess said...

It will have some of the old ones but mostly new ones. We've got 140 new recipes! Sooo excited!