Wednesday, July 3, 2013

All American Meals in a Jar Class

Just a little reminder...Saturday is the All American Meal in a Jar Class! I hope to see you there my darlings!

Honeyville Store in Chandler AZ. 

All American Meals in a Jar/Mylar
July 6th 10 AM
After celebrating the 4th of July how about some patriotic meals from all over the country that are great for any occasion! I'll be in the kitchen teaching you how to make shelf-stable meals in a jar and mylar bags that travel anywhere, are "just add water" and easy! You'll love these gourmet quality meals for the whole family.

Always My Very Best,

Your Friend Chef Tess


Mrs. said...

Will there be new recipes for meals in jars? I have your book and all the ones you've already posted! They are really good!

Chef Tess said...

Yes. At this class I will be sharing many un-posted and unpublished recipes that I will not be posting online.

Elaine said...

I wouldn't have minded to pay a fee, if you charged one for the class.

Elaine in SC