Saturday, April 19, 2014

Granny's Green Fluffy Salad

It is one of those things. You know what I'm talking about right? The one salad that has to be at every family gathering. It is the one Great-Granny made and it is the sweet fluff that makes you smile and takes you back to your childhood. Maybe you're from another country and this doesn't apply, but in the last 18 years being married to Ace, this is the one salad that CG actually makes. Having her here in our home has been hilarious the last few years. She's a witty and remarkable lady.  She doesn't cuss anymore. I don't know where I got that name Cussin' Granny {we're not discussing that} but it is her nick-name here on the blog.  

At any rate, this week she's been talking about her new Texas Ranger.  
It is so nice. 
It is so sleek and stylish.

It is...her walker. 

Laughed my head off.

Back to the dinner salad. Growing up in the great state of Utah and the western United States you may relate to this little fact: 

We always have the green fluffy stuff at Easter and the 4th of July. Always. Sometimes we'd have it because it was Tuesday. Everyone had their version of it as well. Some people used cottage cheese with the if it would somehow be more healthy. Seriously. 

CG's  recipe only has 4 ingredients. Yuppers. That's simple.  Note. It doesn't use the normal natural, clean, ingredients I normally use on the blog either. This is a special occasion salad. So relax for a minute and give me a second to be a little normal. I don't eat this stuff everyday...but on Easter.  Yes. 

Somehow I winkled the recipe out of Granny's recipe box and I'm sharing a picture of her recipe card:

It is very complicated to make. Seriously. Fluff it together. Chill it a bit. Serve it.
The end.

Now I know you are always hoping for complicated recipes in your busy life, but this isn't one of them and it isn't one of my gourmet classics. It is just a family favorite that we have on special days. With Easter, this seemed like one I needed to share.

There you go darlings! 

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess 

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Herbalpagan said...

hmmm, wonder what I can substitute the pistachio pudding with, maybe vanilla...but then it wouldn't be green :(