Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random Thoughts...Hospice Chick-a-dee of Glory

I love my husband. I love his parents. I never imagined I would have to combine the two under one roof. However, due to health issues with the ever sweet cussing Granny and her husband (my Father in Law that I call Mr. Putt Putt)...we're doing something crazy. Both of them need a little extra help. Ace needs a shorter drive to work. It's win-win. My mother in law had another spell with the paramedics Monday night. She can't be alone any more. Technically she's not alone, she does have my father in law. Mr. Putt Putt is adorable. He insists on washing dishes. I'm going to get along with him just fine. Grin. He's just not as strong as he used to be and can't do much. Not because he's lazy or deaf (though we do have to talk really loud and deliberate for him to make out our conversations)...Yeah, no comments from the peanut gallery. I know what you're thinking..."she's already loud and pretty deliberate..."
At any rate, yesterday we spent the better part of the day moving in with Granny and Mr. Putt Putt. So, it's official. I'm not looking back. Am I someone who loves them more than my condo? Yes!...Totally selling it. I'll be off line for a while trying to sort and settle. Love to all!...hopefully back in full by late next week. Add to the job title of "Chef and mom"..."Hospice chick-a-dee of Glory". I will be now entering a whole new phase of blogging diabetic recipes. Hopefully trying not to go into having to humiliate spaghetti in a blender. Mmmm. Hospice food. Now we're really moving up. But, seriously, I know that there are a lot of people who will be facing these challenges and joys as well. It can only be good. Puree the prunes folks. I'm so pumped...(wink). We'll see what happens. Did I even mention the dog?! Karmel the chiwawa. Crap (sorry for the slang). I'm in trouble.'s going to be fine. Change is good.
Eye twitching right now.


Shellee said...

Where do they live? Does this mean that you will live closer to me?!?!?!?
I think the new nickname should be: " Chef Tess: Chef to the geriatric gastric generation!" (that's kind of fun to say!)

Jackie said...

Good luck with the diabetic recipes, I know from experience it is a challenge! I am so looking forward to your cuisine di a' betico.


Jane said...

Wow, Tess, you must have a truly generous spirit to be doing something like this. Don't forget to pay attention to your own needs somewhere in the midst of taking care of your in-laws and immediate family. I just discovered your blog, think it's really lovely, and I look forward to your return from hiatus.

God bless you,

Heather Hunt said...

Good luck and God Bless. I lost my beloved grandmother a year ago, and not a day goes by that I don't wish I had her for another day. Enjoy these ups and downs as best as you can! Love from the computer...


Chef Tess said...

Oh thank you all for the love! I need it!