Friday, April 2, 2010

Waffle Maker Giveaway Winner!

Remember early this week when I said that is hosting a giveaway here on Chef Tess Bakeresse, and the prize was to be a new Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker in Brushed Stainless - WMR-CA, well it has been fun. I've truely enjoyed the emails and stories of sad old waffle makers laying around people's homes. The winner is...
Erica Miles! Congrats! I will need your mailing address sweetie. Pop me over an email when you get the chance.
To those who didn't week's giveaway will be just as cool! Don't miss it!


Erica Miles said...

You are a dear. When you sent me the link I was looking for some interesting article about art. When I saw "congrats" I assumed it was about my auctioned drawing.

The fam will be looking forward to waffles again! Woohoo!!!

Chef Tess said...

Erica, your art is truely breathtaking! Congrats on the Obama selling for such a great price! I'll forward your info on to the CSN store for shipping. Smoooches!