Monday, November 29, 2010

Bread or Cinnamon Roll Free Class Giveaway!

I had so much fun last year doing a cooking class giveaway that I thought I would do this again for the Holidays! I'm offering a 2 hour personal coaching session for perfect cinnamon rolls or homemade bread (your choice) where I come to your home and teach you and two of your friends how to make excellent bread or amazing cinnamon rolls. That means you and your sisters or best girl friends or you and your husband or wife could be rolling and playing with the dough and your friend Chef Tess. I realize there are folks who are out of the Phoenix area. So far, nobody has offered to fly me to their town to teach a class. I will however, entertain offers. , I'll be giving away 2 bottles of my Wise Women of the East Spice blend (one two winners) out of town though. So still feel free to enter the giveaway! Here's the catch though, I get to pick the winner based on the following:

1. Share this giveaway on Face Book,twitter or your personal blog (if you share on your blog, feel free to attach the links here.)

2. Post a comment letting me know your favorite Holiday cooking memory or why you think you should win.

3. Tell you friends.
I will announce the winner of the cinnamon roll class on December 16th. So, you can give the class as a gift for after the holidays. Who wouldn't want some one on one time with Chef Tess for a gift?
Spice winners should get the spices before the new year. Winner of the cooking class will get a certificate to give to a family member or friend (or themselves). So...

There you go!


Anonymous said...

Spice giveaway entry: I posted a link for all my friends and wrote a note sharing how AMAZING you are =) next... Favorite holiday cooking memory would have to be several yrs where I was part of a Christmas cookie exchange. Baked mine and then swapped at a gathering of the group... FUN! And a fabulous way to get a v...ariety of cookies without having to bake them all. and finally... I think I should win your amazing spices because 1) I think you're awesome 2) I'd LOVE to experiment with new spices 3) it looks like I was the first to post an entry and 4) I followed all your rules... =) What fun this is... thanks!!--Beth W

Meadowlark said...

Hey chicklet, you're nearly famous with my, um... 21 followers ;)

That's one of the problems with changing blogs. You lose so many friends!

My favorite cooking memory is spritz cookies with my grandma. It was an every year thing. And my cookies totally don't taste like hers did. :(

Why I should win? Would you like a tale of woe? A tale of triumph over personal tragedy? I got none of that. But I do love ya and think you rock, that's the best reason I can think of. Plus I love, love, love spices. And "maybe" if I win I'll WILL fly you and the husband out to my neck of the woods. No promises of course, I'll see how my budget is doing after you announce the winner. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sent you an email but want to enter. Thanks! Jen.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and would love a cooking class with my kids. We spent many hours with my grandma cooking at the holidays and they would love to do the same. Thanks for all you post.Heather

Linda said...

My grandmother made the best cinnamon rolls ever. She died on Dec 21, 1981, and so did her cinnamon rolls. This is a two Christmas memory entry. Her cinnamon rolls and her passing days before Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Count me in! --Jobeth

crazy burnett6 said...

How fun would that be to win a cooking class with you!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of an out-of-town prize!!! I LOVE, LOVE, L o v e the Wise women of the East mix!!

Favorite cooking memory? So many! Grandmothers sharing their baking skills. The antics of baking with my kids through the years, as a Big Sister (mentor) teaching my Little sister to read recipes, and bake bread etc...Bake-a-thons for the holiday mailings to my son when deployed... and the best are yet to be. My grandaughter, Lilly, just turned one and I cannot wait til we spend time at the kitchen counter together!!

Carol in KS

Raejean said...

I would love a cooking class! A girl can use all the help she can get.

Salsa Mama said...

One of my favorite childhood memories at Christmastime is making (this is before I didn't drink, ok? I was just a kid anyway...) :) rum balls with my Nana. They were so easy and so good. And I felt so good after eating a few of those babies... Just kidding. Anyway, I need to win this so I can spend some time with my buddy Chef Tess and better my bread skills.

Ruth Haas said...

Hey Lady! Just wanted to drop in and say I really do appreciate you and enjoy the cooking classes you have been teaching at Preparing Wisely. It has been fun, educational and rewarding! And there is always something good to eat too!

It has been a pleasure to get to know you and I am so glad that we met.

My favorite cooking memory would be with my children. When they were young, we always baked their Birthday cakes. So when Christmas came around they wanted to know what kind of Birthday cake we were going to bake for Jesus, since it was his Birthday. That became a tradition with us, to bake Jesus a Birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday to him! And we still sing Happy Birthday to him on Christmas Eve, when we all gather for our family Christmas time.

So there you go! And you thought I was going to just say "Hey it is Ruth, please enter me in the contest??" LOL!

I would love for you to come to my home, hang out and teach me the art of baking bread or cinnamon rolls. It would be a blessing!

Love you much!

Ruth Haas