Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lisa's Bread!

I wanted to post this picture of a sun dried tomato, garlic, herb and Parmesan bread that my friend Lisa sent me. I love to see success from the recipes people use of mine and am very happy to add them here. Lisa used the 5 day bread dough . She filled it and made a gorgeous wreath. What do you think?! Outstanding! Very nice photography too!


Goob said...

JP's review of the bread:
"This bread is awessome. Why is it so soft?" (I think the word he was looking for is "tender")

I have to agree, this is one of the most tender bread recipes we've made and it is delish. Because of the sweetness of the dough I am thinking it would be an awesome base for sweet-rolls.

I loved working with this dough. The taste and texture are amazing. I am purposefully going to save a piece of it to not bake until the 5th day. I want to see how/if the dough changes.

Now I just need a two gallon bowl. Even my very largest mixing bowl, which for a home-cook is quite large, was not large enough and I had to punch the dough down before two hours on the first rise. I did successfully split the dough in fours and place segments into gallon size plastic bags. The dough has filled the bags, but it hasn't burst them, so I think we're ok!

Chef Tess said...

Thank you Lisa! I look forward to more from you in the future my dear!

Goob said...

you like how I said "delish"...where did that come from?

Chef Tess said...

I won't hold the Rachael Ray comment against you! You know I love ya!