Grain Surgery™ Recipes

I cook and bake with whole grain and food storage everyday. Some folks may think that it's a lot like brain surgery...but well...maybe it is. In order to ease your frustration, I've highlighted a few of my recipe sections here that will help you find some of the basics of whole grains that I've used in the past. This will, of course, increase.  There are many grains I haven't even covered yet on the blog. The more I learn about them, the more excited I get! What a wonderful world of grain we have.   Honesty, we've just begun to scratch the scratch...that scratched the surface. I hope you enjoy!
We call it Grain Surgery™!
Start with my section on grain identification  and then go from there.

My Whole Grain recipes and uses ( all are links)
whole grain amaranth
whole grain barley
roasted tomato and barley soup
whole grain brown rice
brown rice flour
whole grain buckwheat
whole grain chia
whole grain corn

corn masa
popcorn seasoning (homemade flavor blends)

 black quinoa 
quinoa muffins
homemade rolled quinoa 
How to Cook Quinoa Tutorial 
Universal Quinoa Salad 
Quinoa and Kamut Bread 
whole grain rye
Whole Grain sorghum  
whole grain wheat 
braided bread (tutorials)
roll in dough (tutorial)

Whole Grain Bread Recipes
Apple sour (gluten free starter for bread)
eggettes(decorative Easter bread)
potato starter (gluten free sourdough starter)

Whole Grain Breakfast cereal and Recipes

Carrot Breakfast pudding

Whole Grain Buns, Rolls and Pretzels Tutorials

bear buns
fan rolls (tutorial)
freezer roll class (printable notes)
sweet rolls
Whole Grain Biscuits and Baking Mix

baking mix (homemade bisquick)

Whole Grain cake and cupcakes

Whole Grain Cookies  and bars

Whole Grain Homemade crackers  

Whole Grain Desserts   

Whole Grain pancakes

Whole Grain Homemade Alternatives and  Tutorials 

Whole Grain muffins

Whole Grain pasta

Whole Grain Pies and Tarts 

pie class (printable notes)
Pie crust
Pie Crust Tutorial
Pecan Pie (tutorial)

Whole Grain tortilla