Saturday, March 7, 2009

Random Real...I make Mac-n-cheese.

Little Man says I have to blog about the mac. Apparently I can make macaroni and cheese. I have mastered boiling water! YES! Just in case anyone ever wonders if I use anything from a box, the answer is...yes. There! My yelp of freedom from the horrible oppression of perfectionism! I feel much better now. I happen to use fat free sour cream instead of butter and milk, add dill, turkey ham and chopped spinach. For 50 cents a box Wal-mart brand, I think it looks and tastes almost good enough to post on the blog. However, if you are a true gourmet perfectionist, I apologize in advance. I was raised with mac from a box covered in ketchup...and have been know to eat spaghettios from the can with a fork, cold. I hope that doesn't blow my image all together. If it does, it was a fake image anyway. I will not be posting my boxes of Hamburger Helper either. Just know, I do have crazy days. Sometimes I break down and use the convenience food. Sigh. Long slow breath...I am good enough, I'm smart enough...gosh..., people like me...just because I'm me. So, just as I will always openly accept anyone wherever they are in their journey, I hope others will love me equally as unconditionally. Have some mac and a side of "freedom to be you".

There you go.


Goob said...

I love it when you get "real"....which I must put in quotes around the topic of boxed mac'n'cheese. When we were kids we never had a boxed dinner ever I don't think, so it took years to not answer the request for Mac'n'cheese with "Do you want real or from a box?"...(they always want it from a box, go figure)

Chef Tess said...

Lisa! Hilarious! I had a chef in culinary school who said the same thing...his kids still would ask for the boxed, even if he made the gourmet 6 cheese mac-of-wonder. It is a matter of taste. My kids will eat most anything I make. I personally make the real stuff too. Just funny that this particular boxed day, Little Man was so excited for me to blog it. It never ceases to amaze how open kids are, and I wish more adults would be that way. You are, of course one of the the adults who is totally real. So refreshing!