Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cake with the girls...

This is the official update on the cake class with the youth that I did tonight.

I can't take credit for most of the work however. Look at these 20 little double layer cakes. They where baked with love by my friend Christine for 20 teenage girls. Don't they look so patient all lined up in rows ready for the frosting? Mmmm deco frosting. Can't beat the tub of cheap stuff. It doesn't taste great, but it sure is easy to work with. Thanks Wilton. Yes, I know I can make frosting. Today was crazy. I won't explain the boring details...but it was nice to not make frosting. Sue me. I can be real with you right?!
What's the hold up? I think it's me holding the baby. I couldn't resist a good sniff of a baby. That smell is unmatched in it's unique appeal. At least when the baby is clean.

One of my favorite things on earth is teaching girls how to decorate cakes. I decided that tonight. They where so energetic and completely feeding my ego. Everyone needs that sometimes. Did I mention I had a pretty crazy day up until the class? Yikes. It was a good rejuvenating thing. Like a trip to the spiritual spa...but with lots of sugar.

One thing I teach is how to make the sides nice and smooth like they do it in a bakery.
The girls where really fast learners! I was impressed.
A few made it a group project to get a good looking cake. Whatever works, right?
I also make it a point to get on the level of the cake sometimes, and peek over the top of the peaks of frosting. Look at the is smooth yet?
Then of course, Christine had cake decorating bags and tips for each we had to do a few shells and flowers.

This flowered cake is being decorated by one of the girls! I think for her first cake, it is pretty amazing!

In fact, I think all of them did outstandingly well! First time cakes?! They don't look it at all do they?
When all was cleaned and I was getting packed up to leave, I was given an unexpected gift. A heap of love! I adore these really gorgeous measuring spoons, and rest assured, they are already in a place of great honor in my kitchen. Thank you girls for a wonderful night! Or to the totally rock.

Oh, Christine, you are a shining example of what a great youth leader would do. I can tell you love the girls, and that they reciprocate that love. You're happy and united. It's a beautiful thing to see. Well done!
There you go!


Ron Merlin said...

Good Job! What a great thing to do. It's a little thing but I remember my little guy coming into the kitchen when he was 5 or 6 and helping me with stuff, and asking questions.

Kid is now 20, a Sophomore at OSU and calls me Saturday morning, and say's "Dad, tell me again how to make sausage gravy?"

Good for you Steph.

Chef Tess said...

One of my favorite things on earth is hoping that a young heart will find it's artistic genius. Then seeing that hope become reality--is literally breathtaking. A few of those girls seemed to have made a real connection! It was awesome! Ron, you're so good to have taught your son how to cook too! There is a perfect shortage of that kind of education out there.

Christine said...

Stephanie, thanks again for teaching the girls how to decorate cakes! You should have heard them yesterday, we were announcing that we're having a fund raiser and they each need to bake something, and the whole room burst out in excited chatter about their cakes!!! I think some of them want to bake cakes and decorate them!!! And they were so proud about having made flowers out of gumdrops! It thrills me to see them learn something they can use their whole lives!!!