Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bread of Life...Creative Little Hands

It's Sunday morning. I share part of my soul on Sunday. With the upcoming week of fostering the creative genius in children and adults alike, I wanted to share my gratitude for my ability to create. I try to be in contact with my spirit and feelings in order to become my most creative self. I try to foster this in my children. Creativity is a process. There is work and planning involved. I purposely allow time for silence. Creativity follows almost immediately, because we stop, listen, and respond.

" Creative work is a special expression, “a more excellent way” (1 Cor. 12:31),... Creative expression can also represent the celebration of our gratitude to God for our gifts and talents.
When by wise self-management we are creative, then we mortals taste what Pascal called “the dignity of causality,” the capacity to cause that which had not existed in quite that way before! Something pertaining to truth and beauty occurs that would not have happened quite that way without us! Thus as “agents unto” ourselves we use the power that is in us to do good, but also to do it well, whether our creativity involves the use of our voice, our hands, our muscles, or our conceptual powers."(Neil A. Maxwell)

It is my hope that this week that the creativity we share will be in fact a celebration of our gratitude to God for our gifts and talents. May God bless you and whisper amazing inspiration to your hearts. May that inspiration lead you to create something of transcendent beauty. I hope you will share it with me.

There you go.

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Jana said...

There is a quote that says "Creativity is the manifestation of our divine nature in physical form"