Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Shortcakes...random thought.

My kids ate shortcakes all day yesterday. Am I a bad mother? Nutritionally yesterday... Probably. I ran out of white wheat flour so I used white refined flour. However, I let them paint some and we had a blast. I don't know if the crappy nutritional value kills the quality time. Not sure how that all works out in the grand scheme. All I know is that my boys where swiping painted shortcakes off the table long after I was wanting them to do so. The up side, I have a really good memories tucked away from yesterday. It's a day I can never get back.

Shortcakes for short days. One of these days I will miss little fingers swiping my edible artwork off the table. I may not miss stepping bare foot on Hot Wheels in the bathtub...or smudge marks on every surface of my house...slobbery oatmeal and babyfood kisses. Oh no... Oh stink. Now I made myself cry. Dag-gummit. No more talking about kids growing up and going away. Go hug your kiddos! I'm getting off the computer now and snuggling. Have a good one my friends.

There you go.

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