Monday, December 21, 2009

Mixing Things with Fox 10

Isn't this cookie mix bag looking pretty snazzy? I thought I would do something a little swanky to take into the staff at Fox 10. Thanks my trip to a fantastic culinary store in the Utah valley called Orson Gygi Co. I was able to stock up well for the piece. Thanks Gygi's.

This morning at 8: 20 Fox 10 Phoenix I did another segment. Holiday Giving for Your Kids! This one was so crazy cool. We had mixes, variations of the mixes and some great tips for how to package those fine baking mixes to make them artsy. The great part is we focused on the extreme budget friendliness of the whole project. I had a wonderful time with Wendy and all her adorable kids!
Just another service I am happy to provide my dear friends.
The link is...Make a Mix. For a PDF I'm happy to send you a copy. Please contact me via email at: and I can get that to you. Fox should have the pdf on their website shortly as well. God bless.

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mlebagley said...

Your set up was so elegant! Looks like all 7 kids didn't end up coming after all...phew! You look beautiful, and you were very well spoken! Loved it!