Monday, May 17, 2010

Red, White, and Blue Forest Cake for Mr. Putt Putt

Mr. Putt Putt is my 84 year old Father in Law. It appears he is twenty again this year. He says he still feels young, it's just this "daggum' body that got old". He's also a veteran of World War two, so it seemed right to do an American Flag cake for his special day. We are so blessed to have him Puttin' around our place. He's a sweet little man. So, for his Birthday party this last weekend I thought I would add some luscious layers of fruit to the Chocolate Toffee Buttermilk Cake Mix that he already loves. I got this idea from the wonderful folks at:
Lucky Leaf Premium Pie Fillings: "American Flag Cake"
I made fresh whip cream instead of using the tub of whip topping, and added some lemon and Tahitian vanilla extract. In the middle of the double layer cake, I put 2 cups of drained home canned sour cherries into one cup of Spiced Blueberry-Amaretto Jam and spread it to the edges of the cake. Topped with a second layer of cake and frosted with whip cream. I built the edges of the cake up pretty high to hold the filling on top of the cake.
I love how much fruit comes in this pie filling. It's so refreshing. It also made it really easy to decorate the 12 inch cake. I's beautiful to look at...and it tasted just as evil.

Thank you Lucky Leaf!
Happy Birthday Mr. Putt Putt! We love you!
There you go. Make a cool patriotic cake.


mlebagley said...

This looks SOOOOOoooo yummy! AND it so pretty! Mr. Putt Putt is lucky to have you :) Thanks for sharing your beautiful creation!

rosemary said...

No I am not happy. Gotta have full tutorial first.