Saturday, June 12, 2010

Vietnamese Summer Rolls @ UnPhởgettable

I have to admit...I didn't make these. Ace loves Vietnamese vegetarian phở . phở. Enough that tonight,We stumbled upon this restaurant called UnPhởgettable. It sounded like a crazy gimmick name for a place, but I'm hooked. In a mad dash to get home, we ended up just grabbing some of the Vietnamese spring rolls on the menu and getting them to go. Ace had a horrible craving, not unlike any pregnant woman on earth...but he's a man...and not pregnant (for the record). Second only to noodle soup is Ace's insatiable appetite for a good unfried fresh spring roll. We had not found one we liked here in the valley in quite some time.
When I walked in I was greeted very pleasantly by the owner (who was named Chan) and telling him of my quest for a good spring roll, he insisted I try the newer Summer rolls on the menu as well. I couldn't resist. They have this spiced pork patty running the length of the roll along with this fried crispy addition. The sauce was pitch perfect and the flavor right on the mark. I like my spring rolls heavier on the cilantro, but I'm thinking next time I'll order it that way. The place was sparkling clean and from what I've had so far with service and quality, I'm impressed. They don't add any MSG, prepare most everything on site from scratch, and use whole fresh ingredients. We'll definitely be back for the phở when we don't have a crazy busy night. Anyway, just had to share. I've been looking for a good Vietnamese place for a long time and this looks like it may be the one.
There you go.

Mekong Plaza
66 Dobson Road, Ste# 138
Mesa, Arizona 85202
(480) 835-2298


Shellee said...

Ummmmm... if it weren't Sunday, I'd send Curt to go get these right now. Maybe I can talk a neighbor into it! :)
We go to Mekong Plaza all the time, but have been hesitant to eat at any of the restaurants, so thanks for the recommendation!

Chef Tess said...

Yes was super clean and they where so nice! We should go to lunch together when the kiddos are back in school. That would be fun. Ace didn't even want to look around much he was in such a hurry. I wanted to see if there was still frog legs down there. Dang it! Yup...we really need to hook up girl!

Goob said...

yes! We went there sometime last winter or maybe it was even longer than that, but we loved it! Not sure why we haven't been back. The Pho is DELICIOUS! and my Gabe was in piggy heaven with his love for all things asian and seafood when they brought him his giant bowl of seafood Pho. I LOVE fresh spring rolls, in fact my mouth is watering now, so I'm going to have to head over there later this month to have me some. (later this month because we have challenged ourselves to not eat out for 2 weeks...*yikes*)