Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rambling Review: Fired Pie...Redefining Custom Pizza Fast!

I have to share this Post by Fired Pie.
 One of my favorite visitors this week on the Radio show Cooking With Jan D'Atri  came from a new pizza chain here in the valley called Fired Pie.  They brought 5 pizzas to the radio station and we were in hog heaven!  I loved their concept!  I have teenage boys. Anyone who makes pizza simple for me and still makes it ridiculously awesome is worth sharing.  Their whole concept is basically a "build your own" pizza that is then fired off in a 500 degree oven in 3 minutes flat. The crust is a thin, remarkably artisan crisp-chewy dough. The toppings are all first class. The price is great for an 11 inch pizza as well...

My favorite sample was the pesto chicken.

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Seriously...they are redefining custom pizzas and salad.
Mention you heard about them from us on the Radio show on Tax Day, 4/15 and get a single item pizza of your choice for $4.15...Totally worth the trip.

There you go. A new favorite pizza place! Go check them out.

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess

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