Thursday, January 14, 2016

Cooking Classes Are Back!

January Classes are hosted at the following store locations:

144 S. Mesa Dr. Ste G
Mesa AZ 85210

No-Knead No-Brainer Artisan Bread

Saturday January 23 10:30 Cost is $5

It's not every day that you get to learn from a seasoned pastry chef and bread artisan on the basics of bread! 
This class is for beginners and experienced bakers alike who want to learn the simplest way possible to make remarkable bread. 
No mixer required. No experience required. 
Bread that isn't smarter than a 5th grader is here! 
Call the store to reserve a spot or just come on down! 480-964-3077

Meals in a Jar and Mylar with Chef Tess

Thursday January 28th 10:30 AM cost is $5

Cost-friendly, just-add-water gourmet meals in a jar/mylar bag taught by the author of the Meal in a Jar Handbook, Gourmet Food Storage Made Easy! Chef Tess pioneered the method of meals in a jar using her own chef-created family meals and recipes.  You'll get to learn the basics of how to make these for you and your family, as well as taste a few samples of some of her most popular recipes. 
 Call the Store to reserve a spot or just come on down! 480-964-3077

Grain Surgery and Cookery with Chef Tess

Saturday January 30th 10:30 AM Cost is $5

Quinoa is not the name of Noah's Ark. Amaranth is not a new toxic biohazard. Grain Surgery is not operation on wheat. This is a class that will introduce you to all the remarkable grains we have in our store and how to cook them! It's a remarkable way to add protein, fiber, nutrition and health to your life.  You'll be amazed and delighted! 
Call the Store to reserve a spot or just come on down! 480-964-3077

More classes and locations are tentatively being planned. Please stay tuned for details!

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess


Bahadarrn said...

I wish I was able to come down there to your classes. Maybe we can get you up here to Boise, Idaho sometime for a class. I will have to ask our preparedness store here to see if he is interested :)

Bahadarrn said...

I wish I could attend your classes. Maybe sometime we can get you up here to Boise Idaho for a classes. I am going to talk to our preparedness store to see if they are interested. :)