Tuesday, March 19, 2019

My Decorative Bread from the International Artisan Baking Expo

 Last week I got to spend a full and productive time at the International Artisan Baking Expo in Las Vegas with some of the biggest names in baking and bread. It was, I can honestly say, one of my favorite experiences of all time! I spent many hours working on the decorative edible bread display for the event and wanted to share the loaves with you here on the blog. Some of the loaves I baked ahead of the show and then decorated at the event. Some were decorated and taken to the event. 

For more details on this baking and decorating technique, you can visit my bread website: Decorative Bread

Henna Wedding Loaf

 Ciabatta Wedding Loaf 
 8 Strand Braided Loaf 

Dragon Bread, Undecorated 
 Dragon Bread Ready to Decorate...
 Dragon Bread Decorated
Rose Crown Loaf Undecorated 

 Decorated Crown Loaf 

Rose Embellished Loaf
 Barley Leaf Loaf 
 Hawaiian Loaf 
 Leaf Loaf 
 Beet and Barley Domino Loaf 
 Rose Bun
 Classic Italian Rose Loaf 

Rustic Hawaiian Loaf

Enjoy a little bread art my darlings!! Happy baking!

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess

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