Painted Bread

Chef Stephanie Shares her amazing ideas for decorative bread!
I am a bread artist. It is one of my favorite mediums... and why shouldn't it be? Bread is one of the most personal and comforting foods around. I spent many years learning its rhythm and style. I patiently learned to appreciate it's personality. I love it. I may in fact have an unusually unrealistic obsession with bread. I am okay with that. It reaches millions of souls. It fills a void. It brings strength. I think if I was a food, I would be bread. So, here is a picture of my work. Wholegrain satisfying loaves painted with an all natural compounds.  Some are painted with food grade colors. Take a look at pure love. This is my passion.
My decorative bread has been featured by:
  •  Food Network's blog  
  • Australian Baker's Business Magazine
  • Kathy Peterson (Lifetime for Women and National Design expert)
  • NBC 12 Valley Dish 
  • Fox 10 AZ AM
  • Jan D' Atri's Radio Show  ( Fox AZ)
  • Lin Sue Cooney's Cooking Classes (AZ)
  • Fresh Living (Utah)
  • Studio 5 (Utah)
  • Good Morning Arizona (channel 3)
  • Fav-Craft National Radio Show (Pat Sloan)

Do you want to make some?
 Start with the links here:
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