Sunday, January 4, 2009

Candied Ginger and Honey Sprouted Wheat Bread

Wow! Holidays are over, and yet this little beauty turned up in my baking session.
At the end of the sprouted bread session I got a little ZANY.
I tend to do that...and giggle a lot when I'm tired.
Sparkle, sparkle. I'm mesmerized.

To add alot of flavor and color to an otherwise normal loaf of bread
I decided to top the loaf with a drizzle of honey...
and then some chopped candied ginger just before baking.

Wouldn't you just love a taste of this?! Now I am not being prideful here, just saying that this little loaf looks like gold. BLINGage for bread. Who knew it would look this great?! You go girl!

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