Monday, March 30, 2009

Ace Moments...Random

Tell me, does this man look like he is the kind of guy...

Who drives like this....?

Officially meet Ace.

My Mother-in-law had a birthday party last night. This is me alone with a crazy guy who won't eat chicken and cleans the toilet so I don't have to. He can also sing like Elvis...the later years.

Here's a link to what someone posted of Ace's driving. It really wasn't supposed to be taped: It's hard to believe that the man thrashing that Trailblazer is really married to me, yet here he is. Ace. I've been married 13 years to Ace. Ace is my little nickname for him because he is a driving genius. Did I mention I can't park to save my life. Don't ask me about Friday night...I got high centered on a curb. When I called Ace to have him talk me through getting free...oh the open mock-age. It's embarrassing.

Ace on the other hand is a high performance driver and has done a lot of test driving for Nascar teams and training for fire and police departments. He trains the instructors for the he's a step above the academy. He's the only guy I know who has a plaque on the living room wall from the United States Secret Service for his valued assistance and cooperation with their driver training program. Like I say, he's an ACE!

So, last night at his mom's birthday party, I was reminded again why I love this guy. He's a sleeper. Nobody on the street would look at this guy and say "hot dog, there goes Jeff Gordon" just won't happen. He's a softy who misses Elvis (I think he's really expecting him to come back...), writes me random notes and memorizes WW2 bombers. In any given situation, he can find humor. It's a gift. In nutshell, I'm glad he's around. So, there you go.

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