Friday, March 20, 2009

Caramel Pecan Brownies with White and Dark Chocolate

Could I be more evil if I tried? At least in things culinary, these may be near the top of the list.

This is a simple brownie to make...not simple to resist. The recipe for my basic brownies isn't very difficult. The addition of big chunks of Peter's Carmel (used by See's Candy) and wedges of white and dark Guitard chocolate just after the warm brownies came out of the oven was a stroke of genius. Gotta love having a mother who sends big care packages at Christmas time that consist mainly of gourmet chocolate and speciality Carmel in 5 lb bricks. I did generously top the brownies with chopped praline pecans for a crunchy coating too. In the end...I would highly recommend having a good friend who is willing to take these away for a very long time. I banished them to Jim the Organic Tomato Farming genius. Yes it is bribery. He didn't mind...and my thighs thank him in advance for still being able to fit in my jeans. Brownies are a danger food around here. I have a total lack of self control. It's pathetic. Thankfully however, I do have these pictures. It's much lower fat to suck on a computer screen. For an innocent bystander, it isn't something pretty to watch me do. It's right up there with watching me try to park my minivan. Have fun with these pictures anyway. I think everyone should have some evil brownies.

There you go!

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