Thursday, June 11, 2009

Red Bell Pepper Relish

One of my favorite sandwiches on earth has 3 ingredients. Fresh Organic tomatoes, mayonnaise, and red bell pepper relish. These things coupled with hunks of my homemade bread are enough to bring tears of joy to my eyes. It's honestly one of those simple pleasures in life.

Bell pepper relish is one of those crazy sauces that once you've tasted it, you will crave it forever. Its tangy and sweet and remarkably simple to make. I make jars of it and use my home cannery so I can enjoy it all year round. I make it in the summer when bell peppers are in season! Yes it's that time. I'm loading up.

The main ingredients are bell peppers and onions. I chop them by hand, but use a food processor if you want. It goes much faster.
Red Bell Pepper Relish
6 red bell pepper, chopped
1 1/2 cup red onions, minced
1 cup balsamic vinegar
1/2 cup sugar(or honey)
1T salt
1/2 tsp celery seed
1/4 cup minced garlic
1 tsp ground fennel seed
Directions: Mix all ingredients in a large pot and simmer 30 minutes. Spoon into clean hot jars, fill with the cooking liquid, leaving 1/8th inch head space and seal. Process in boiling water-bath caner for 10 minutes. Yield about 4 1/2 pint jars.

If you don't jar it for the can just put it in the fridge for up to one month.
Smear it on a slice of bread with some mayonnaise.

I add thick slices of those gorgeous Organic Tomato Farming treasures. Thank you Jim for letting me raid the farm! I'm in heaven now.

There you go. Love in sandwich form.


Shellee said...

Steph. perfect timing! I have a bunch of red bell peppers that I have to use before they go bad and this is perfect. I was just going to roast them and can them in oil, but I think this is much better. Kind of a Red Chow-Chow.

You did really well on TV, BTW. So, when are we going out for a girls night? Or a group date?

Chef Tess said...

Thanks Shellee! Please try the relish. I think you will love it! I had so much fun on Fox. They are so nice down there. Girls night sounds perfect! Let's plan it with the rest of the ladies. All the moms need some time out during the summer! Love ya!