Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fox 10 again!

Remember the Stuffed Pretzels and Stuffed Bread sticks? I made some yesterday with a spiced pumpkin dough stuffed with Carmel and sprinkled with nuts. Little man told me that I was in cahoots with the devil and needed to be destroyed. Pretty sure he meant "You're the best mom on earth". Tomorrow morning I have the exciting chance to visit the Fox 10 Phoenix studio again! I can't wait! For those who will be joining me after seeing the segment and wanting more information on the doughs, I will be using the chocolate sourdough bread dough for the stuffed pretzels. Using sun-dried cherries instead of raisins and some cherry jam with a little cayenne pepper mixed in it for the stuffing. We will also be using the pumpkin yeast raised dough that I used for doughnuts in the post " Let Me Sleep You Crazy Man! " from last November. It is amazing coupled with Carmel stuffing. I used some Peter's Carmel my mother sent me. She loves me. Love is... the fat bomb 5 lb brick of Carmel. It's the simple things really. NOW...If you feel ambitious you can also make caramels using the apple cider Carmel recipe "Apple Cider Carmels...And STEAK." I think that is one of my favorite recipe of all time for caramels. Do what you want. I am on Carmel making restriction. Seems I have a complete lack of self control when looking at a pot of warm Carmel. Who knew?!
The quick and easy pretzel recipe is listed here as Vegan Whole Wheat Soft Pretzels. Ironically the only one under pretzels even though we will be adding the other two in the next few days. Big hugs and kisses to all! I'm so glad to be in your lives and continue to feel your love. What a blessing you all are to me. God bless! Now go make some pretzels. There you go.


Goob said...

you ARE in cahoots with the devil! Holy Autmn Scrumptiousness!

TARA said...

Um, you made these yesterday and then drove right past my work without stopping?!?!?!? I thought you liked me! ;-)