Friday, March 26, 2010

BBQ from the Freezer

My husband made a liar out of me. I've said for years on end that he will not go anywhere near "humiliated yard bird" (AKA chicken) for dinner. Those who may not remember the detailed instructions for freezer chicken, you may want to check it out here: Freezer Chick... . Here is yet another easy variation of a freezer meal made by just changing the sauce you put on the bird.
Ace, being the " Flexitarian " that he is, sometimes will go for wings (go figure) and if nobody mentions "deep fried bird carcass"(hee hee) then he's usually good at downing several dozen. However, just making chicken for dinner doesn't usually happen based on that "fowl" obsession. I've just learned to make a lot of side dishes that are vegetarian if I do make a chicken dish. Imagine my dismay when I made this BBQ freezer chicken using chicken breasts prepared as mentioned in the previous post, and he ate the entire main dish by himself. Six full size chicken boozaaams. I'm not kidding. To what great sauce do I owe this odd phenomenon?

My good buddy D-dog has so totally made a believer out of me. He's a local seller, but his stuff can be found here: D Dog BBQ rubs and sauce. You can use your favorite sauce, but this one is our very favorite by far. We grill marked them on a grill pan after defrosting in the fridge. I really just baked the breasts in the oven like before, and froze them with his sauce glazing them.

Ace actually licked the plate.

It was very classy. I'm so glad we didn't have company over to see that display of terror. He looked like a burn victim with all that sauce on his chin.

There you go. Another freezer variation of freezer chicken.

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J. P. said...

I'm gonna have to get me some o'dat. I haven't had a BBQ sauce I've really loved in a long time.--Lisa