Friday, November 12, 2010

Thank You Kathy Peterson!

Okay folks, today I have the amazing blessing of being featured as a guest blogger on the Craft for Health blog of Kathy Peterson. I got to speak with her on the phone for about twenty minutes yesterday and get her professional advice on getting my book published. I'm pursuing that venue now full power! What an amazing encouraging soul she is! So, without further talk-a-talk-a... I would like you all to Meet Kathy . Kathy is a seasoned craft and design expert, TV spokesperson, best selling author of 5 books and has more than 25 years of television and craft design experience.She is a co-host on LIFETIME TV's The Balancing Act and is regularly featured and quoted in numerous publications including The Associated Press, USA Weekend, Woman's Day, Better Homes and Garden and more. She has also made 100's of guest appearances on HGTV, DIY NETWORK, THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL, LIFETIME TV, ABC FAMILY, E!, TNN, PBS and more.

My article is here:
There you go!


mlebagley said...

I Loved your article! You make amazing bread, and it is a reflection of your beautiful heart and soul!

Kathy Peterson said...

You are a blessing to so many. Break the bread and spread it around. Have a great weekend!