Friday, April 22, 2011

Grandma's Ding Dong Bunnies and Auntie Em's Sweet Reminders


When we were kids, my Grandma W used to watch eight grandchildren. She was a saint for doing it. I will never forget how she gave countless hours of service to people in the church and neighborhood.  Easter was no exception.  One neighbor in particular used to make hundreds of Ding Dong bunnies to make extra money during the Easter season for her small family. Grandma insisted we go to her neighbor's home and help unwrap the confections and construct the bunnies.  It was always such a fun project.  I'm not sure how many years we helped, but I do remember wishing I could stuff more of those bad-boy-bunnies in my pie-hole instead of making them into treats for somebody else's basket! We rarely got to actually eat Ding Dongs at my house. You can imagine the torture that was!  Well, ironically, I am currently not eating sugar.  Auntie Em however was gracious enough to remind me of the Ding Dong bunnies and make some this year for me to remember Grandma.

She used toothpicks to stick marshmallow eggs into the tops of the Ding Dongs for ears. Licorice whips for whiskers.  Jelly beans for eyes. Royal icing for the decorations.

Bless you Auntie Em for bringing back a flood of Easter memories today. Smoooches!!

There you go.

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Anonymous said...

Those look SO good Miss Stephanie :)