Sunday, May 22, 2011

Are you Irrigated Yet? (Bread of Life Section)

Sunday is the day I share a little of my soul. Enjoy.

I'm not only a baker, but I'm deeply in love with gardening and plants.  Thanks to my upbringing as the Pansy Man's daughter.  In my lifetime I've seen various watering systems for plants. This is one of the front flower beds at the greenhouses my dad operates in Utah for our church. It's been amazing growing up seeing from this unique perspective the efforts that go into making the church grounds look amazing.  It's also been humbling to see the extraordinary effort and unseen hours that my dad has put in behind the scenes to make sure things run smoothly. He loses sleep...and even on Sunday, if there's an emergency with the temperatures of the greenhouses, he has to be there. It's been a labor of love.
In addition he also grows some pumpkins the size of small children to donate to local food banks and church organizations.  

I guess I never thought too deeply about the watering of the plants until recently when I was looking at local irrigation methods for my garden. 
 Auntie Em had been kind enough to show me her corn and an irrigation method our dad taught her. Notice the wires holding the hose in place.

Then Dad had showed me how he had turned his entire back yard into a garden...and the irrigation system he used.

With the hose held in place by a simple wire a small and simple thing, great things come to pass. If it wasn't there, the hose would not be secure and the plant would not get the much needed moisture in this method of irrigation.

Infused throughout dad's landscapes heave always been culinary herbs and edible plants...and I think I'm finally starting to understand.

Today I was reading David A. Bednar's sermon on spiritual patterns.  He compared the spiritual pattern he had been describing to drip or trickle irrigation, in which water is applied in a more focused and frequent way than with other methods, providing “a high moisture level in the soil wherein plants can flourish.  In like manner, if you and I are focused and frequent in receiving consistent drops of spiritual nourishment, then gospel roots can sink deep into our soul, can become firmly established and grounded, and can produce extraordinary and delicious fruit,” he said.     
 “I believe many, if not all, of the most satisfying and memorable accomplishments in our homes, in the Church, in our jobs and professions, and in our communities will be the product of this important spiritual pattern—of simple and small things,... we should find great comfort in the fact that ordinary people who faithfully, diligently, and consistently do simple things that are right before God will bring forth extraordinary results.”
The spiritual pattern of small and simple things like scripture study, prayer and meditation...these things bring strong roots. Never underestimate what it can do for your spirit and for those around you. Never underestimate the impact you can have on the world. God has great things in store for those who love Him and desire to serve His children with their whole heart. I know this to be true.
There it is. 

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