Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dill and Birds (Bread of Life Section)

Sunday is the day I share a little of my soul. Enjoy.
 My garden grows right outside Granny's window. The Herbs have grown exceedingly high, but the king of them all is the dill. It's towering over my head and is at least seven feet tall. Currently it has beautiful crowns of seeds at the top of each willowy branch, ready to be harvested. I've been so excited seeing this whole process (as only a chef and total-geek gardener would be I'm certain).  At any rate, today as I was in Granny's room at lunch time, I noticed several birds perching in the dill. At first I was thrilled that I had given them a place to sit. Then when I saw them eating my seeds, I got very annoyed.   After all, it was my dill. I did all the work. Right? Why should the birds get to eat the seeds?  What would be left if they ate it all anyway. Then, as if the Lord had heard my question, an answer came that made me giggle. I wonder if the Lord has a sense of humor or if I just understood it this way. I could almost be certain I heard the phrase in my mind, "No big dill. It's not your dill anyway, It's mine."
I may have planted the dill, but I never created the seed. I am not the master planner. I can never claim to be that incredible.  If I get to be a partaker of a portion of the dill, great. If I get to share the dill, great.  If however, He decides to take most of the dill away and leave me with what was His dill in the first place...then it was only what I ever needed. Now, that could be a parable in and of itself. God will give and take away...and we will someday see that all that we have and are was always His in the first place. Today, outside a bedroom window I saw a bird absconding with a dill seed and in an instant I saw that the Lord was in charge of the universe. I saw that I was but His servant...and that He was mindful of even the birds of the fields outside my home. Yes, I learned that I needed to be Still and Know that He Is God. Still.


aswesow said...

Sow true. We do our best to manage our resources to maximize the harvest...but ultimately it is indeed God's. The farmers I work for are indeed blessed if the harvest is good, but the blessing extends way beyond the farm.

Ella said...

The other day my daughter asked if Heavenly Father had a sense of humor. I asked her why she wanted to know. She told me she has been showing him funny faces and voices she makes when she prays. She wanted to know if that was alright. I immediately thought of this blog post that made me chuckle when I read it.

I believe having a sense of humor is a talent. Talents are gifts from God. If he can give the gift he must also possess it. Right? So I think Heavenly father enjoys telling and hearing jokes. I know I have laughed with him myself a time or two.

I just read this post to my daughter who chuckled too. It helped her understand more the nature of our Loving Father. That is a big dill to us. :)