Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm going "In The Kitchen With Jan"! {Squeal} YES! *The* Jan D'Atri!

  If you're not from Arizona, as many of my international readers may not know who this shining beautiful face is...but I dare say that I'm standing here beside myself right now. This is Jan D'Atri. You must read:  About Jan, because she's an icon here...and I'm about to be introduced to a  hero of mine! I promise not to pass  Jan called me yesterday and invited me to be on her radio show...This SATURDAY 3:00-5:00! That's a lot of food and zany fun folks!
On the radio:
"In The Kitchen With Jan
Saturdays 3-5PM (Arizona Time)
NEWSTALK 550 KFYI, Clear Channel Phoenix

So, I started in making dough last night...
 Yesterday after she called I got on the phone to Michael at Love Grows Farms to hook up with some sweet organic veggies...They took really good care of me. Smooches!

 Most exciting  is the fact that since the show will be on cooking with whole grain and whole foods, Preparing Wisely will get to show off it's amazing organic grains! I love teaching Classes there.  I love the store. I've never met better people.
 So we'll be talking super grains and cooking up some black quinoa...

How about a Father's Day breakfast that's made with a healthy twist?

 Zucchini whole grain pancakes using whole grains without a flour mill...and a blender!

We'll also be making some Fast and Easy bacon wrapped shrimp lemon herb linguini

And of course the grilled portabello mushroom and pineapple salad with avocado, bell peppers, and pistachio...and we'll throw in some surprises with some whole grain!

Grain isn't just for bread...and gosh darn it...I'm excited to be on Jan's show this Saturday. Please share the news with everyone! Let's make this the best show yet!
 That being said...this sweet rum, flax and orange bread is still pretty amazing for grain...
Bread will never be something I give up. Thank goodness I don't have to do so! Remember to share the love folks. I'm so excited!

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Jessica said...

My husband and I listened to you today...we're usually too busy on Saturday to tune in, but we're so glad we did. You are inspiring! Thanks for opening our eyes beyond wheat and rice!