Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Daisy's

Sunday is the day I share a little of my soul. Enjoy.

This is a little something different...but something that has been really on my mind the last few weeks and months. Many know that I have the two boys. I love them...they are my heart. I've always wanted a daughter but have not been blessed with such a soul as of yet.  Recently I started working with Gingham Project to help the kids there in India. It seems that every time I see the pictures and hear what is happening there for makes me so joyous. It makes me thankful that I can contribute in any small way. Yet, part of me was just holding back a bit. Maybe that part of me that consciously wants more children but isn't sure how that will happen. Then I thought to myself, "Self...(Yes...that's what I call myself)...what's the problem?" What I essentially came down to was that I was afraid of loving too much.  I was afraid that I would be hurt. I'd love this new child...and lose it...As dumb as that sounds I sometimes think that I am way too open to love and that in so doing I'm also opening myself up for hurt and disappointment. On the other hand...there are five fingers. The other hand is a life full of being closed to love. I don't think I can live that life. So...I decided it was time to open up again.

Sister Daisy's Kids are special.  After reading about what Melanie's experience was with a young mother in the orphanage, I couldn't get my mind off that mother. I wondered what I would do should I be in such a situation...dying of HIV in a land where it would be basic social death for my child to be left without me and my support.  I thought of Les MisĂ©rables.  Jean ValjeanFantine, and the young   child Cosette...and  that literary hero I had seen in Valjean came back to my mind. I so wanted to take into my home that little girl of the mother in that orphanage in I'm certain that everything happens for a reason in this world and that some things we will never really have all the answers to...but thankfully we don't have to know it all.  I asked Melanie if I could go ahead and be a sponsor for one of these HIV Orphaned  kids.  Sister Daisy's Kids as they call them.   It only costs 30$ a month and I wanted to finally commit. Isn't it sad that it took me this long to do it? Well...I did. So I've finally got a sweet little girl assigned to our family. She is fairly new to the orphanage. Her mother is a single mom with HIV. She was so ill and weak that she had to give her daughter to the orphanage. Sathiya is a very small 11 year old girl in India...and now she's "my girl". I"m not sure is she's the same mother that Melanie met while there in India...frankly it doesn't matter. What does matter is that someone somewhere opens their heart and loves this little child.  I'm gonna love her like my own even though she's half a world away. So...prepare to hear some good things from here about her and what's going on in her world. We will get to email, Skype and keep in general contact with her.  I'm so excited! I'm secretly hoping that this will lead to more than a sponsorship...but only time can really tell what will happen. In the heart is open to a new little friend. I don't even have a full size picture of her yet...just this one of her in the yellow dress with the burgandy jumper.'s a start. She looks like a little Daisy doesn't she? I love her already. 

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mlebagley said...

This sounds truly amazing! We tend to forget that there is so much need in the world, AND that we can personally do something to alleviate some of the suffering! I hope you are able to enjoy your new 'daughter', and that she is able to come to know how dear her new 'mom' is :)