Thursday, September 29, 2011

Random Thoughts...Twinkie hot dogs and Seafood dogs...

A while ago I wrote on one of my pages that I would be happy to review products. Imagine my joy at receiving this email! (Yes, it's a joke from a very cool friend and his wife!)
"Dear Bakeresse ,

While perusing your informative and entertaining blog this evening, I noticed a request for submission of "products to review".  Based on the given subject matter, I presume you prefer culinary products, as opposed to the "products of a slightly disturbed mind".  Regardless, I've enclosed photos of two of my latest entrees, and am interested in your feedback.  As you may appreciate, the initial reviews at home were somewhat mixed.  In synthesizing the data, it appears that the demographic including children ages 11 and younger are very much in favor, while those who are a bit less adventurous were unappeased by the complexity of the ingredients.
Looking forward to your expert opinion,
John Miles

Here are the photos he sent of the seafood hot dogs: 

While coming in a close second...Twinkie Hot dogs. Ya know...a Twinkie  used as a hot dog bun.

Thank you John! This made my day! 

Your Friend, 
Chef Tess

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