Sunday, November 3, 2013

Remember You're An Angel

Sunday is the day I share a little of my soul...Enjoy.

Yesterday I heard about a remarkable mom who suffers from Altzeimer's. Her adult son described her as "an angel on earth".  I thought to myself, " Mom is an angel on earth, but how many angels don't remember who they are?"

 I couldn't get that off my mind as I drove home.  It had been a long day.  I was exhausted.

Somehow this week, I had forgotten that I was an angel. 

I've seen many amazing women who constantly down-play all that they do everyday. Single moms, Teachers, protectors, friends to all...They sell themselves short, and question their worth.  Why do we doubt our power?  Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and I'm my own worst critic.

I remember how I looked twenty years ago compared to now. I see the flaws. I see the imperfections. I wonder how God could love me, as imperfect as I am and how I could ever be accepted by Him. 

That is, of course, my enemy talking.  God doesn't look at my wrinkles, he looks at my heart. I remind myself often that the enemy is cunning. He is the same viscous devil who wants me to be miserable, full of doubt, and forgetful of who I have trusted.  The enemy wants me to forget I am a being of Light in a human body.  

Note to self:  "Angel, please remember. Please remember. You are the shining being of God's Light that brings mercy, joy, and peace to so many who suffer all around you.  Jesus is your Light. Never doubt your glory.  Never forget your power to change the world. You are a miracle. Please remember. You are God's angel on earth."

There's a song in those words...but it hasn't been written yet.  

Onward and upward my darlings.

Your Friend,
Chef Tess


Carol said...

What a wonderful article! A good reminder not to be so critical of ourselves, God loves us no matter what we look like.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Thank you! I so needed that today!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I needed this today, as I just came back from chemo and always feel a little down afterwards. I agree with you as to where the power of negative self criticism comes from. It is powerful in so many negative ways. It's just hard to remember that sometimes. I really enjoy your site. It is so upbeat, helpful and caring. You are a very talented woman and it is good to see how you have made use of your talent in such a positive way. I'm going to start making meals in jars so that I can make quick nutritious meals easily when I'm out of energy and can also have them available to give to other women I meet in a similar situation. This has truly lifted my mood! God bless you now and always. Again, thank you.

Lisa said...

Oh Steph, you are my newest angel, where in the world have you been, and am I ever glad to finally find you. I have struggled to create food that you already knew how to do, and now you are an uplifting angel too! I live in Oregon, but I will be taking vacation time to attend some of your classes. Hugz, and much support.