Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How Will I Know?

I Knead to Know... don't mind the pun. I had to do it. I get asked a lot how often I make bread. It comes to this...whenever we need it. Or knead it. Or want it. I was once taking a finance class and the man in the blue suit said I should separate my "wants" and my "needs". I am pretty sure he wasn't talking about dough. The more I Knead bread the more bread I want. So it's a vicious cycle...

As a matter of extreme fact, this photo actually is a picture of what my kneads look like. Scary isn't it? So if you have any questions... on a knead to know basis, I am happy to help. Just a random thought late at night. Not up with my babies...again. Sick and wrong. Sick and wrong.

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