Saturday, January 17, 2009

Whole grain apple sourdough and rosemary rolls

Part of the beauty of being insane, is there is no longer any expectations for normal. Not that I have ever REALLY fit into the category of normal. These rolls don't fit that category either. Not normal. Completely unusual. Random thought. In college we had a code name for those unusual guys~never dating you (sorry but)..."fun-guy". (Yea, Fungi). Back to the rolls. Not my bodily rolls. We will never discuss those. Never.

These rolls however, are in need of serious reflection. Again, not my mirror reflection. Dang I hate the stair stepper. I use it, but I don't love it.

Hmm. We will not talk about my shallow first boyfriend..."Playa".

Rolls. We're talking about rolls. Head shake. Focus.

These rolls...are good.

They are made using a sourdough starter based on shredded apple. It takes a few days to get it going (recipe to follow later). I thought however, that I would give a teaser of what could be made with it, so as to really add some suspense and drama. Again, not as if I need more drama in my life. EEk.

Once the apple sour is added to the dough I also add some sprouted wheat. That dough raises, does its happy thing. Gets taken for a spin by yours truly. It's a passionate adventure for a dough ball. Then and only then, to make sure it isn't too healthy, a nice slathering of garlic butter.

True confessions, it is the heart healthy stuff. I hate to disappoint my jugular. Do you see the little grains of wheat sticking out randomly on these rolls?

Once baked I generously apply more garlic butter, fresh chopped rosemary, and a lot of fresh crushed fennel, black pepper kosher salt and oregano. Yea. I think I need to give the recipe for Apple Sour now, huh? After I eat one of these rolls to keep up my strength...


Goob said...

oh my heavenly goodness I must have this recipe NOW!

Chef Tess said...

I'm so distracted by housework. What's up with that. It may be Monday before I can get the recipe posted...don't shoot me!

Goob said...

ok, I will not shoot you. But only because I have 6 cups of red-wheat soaking so I can make the sprouted wheat bread on Monday. Yeah me! I remembered on Saturday to bake bread on Monday! LOL

Chef Tess said...

Awesome!! My mom made the sprouted last weekend and let it soak an extra day and was bummed because it turned into a goo log. 3 days is just perfect! So here's a trick to remember, if you taste the wheat and it tastes sweet, it has sprouted too long. It should have a pretty starchy feel. Mom called me again today and said she followed that advice and the bread was perfect when she made it today. So...just a heads up. I just realized I can bring you some of the apple starter and it would be much faster. The original recipe has the apples ferment for 8-10 days, unless of course you know someone amazingly generous who could bring you some...