Friday, March 6, 2009

Erin's Bread

A little over a year ago I met a very positive and fun gal named Erin. She was attending one of my cake decorating classes and we came to find out that we where related in a round about way. Her husband is the brother of my sister in law. After the class we got talking about bread and loaf forming. She was having a hard time getting them to have a nice shape. They would bulge out one side or the other. We did some trouble shooting on the recipe and oven. Today I got these pictures from her and am so excited to post them! Look how great the bread looks now!
It came down to the fact that she needed a new element in her oven because it just wasn't cutting it. That with some proper loaf forming techniques (loaf molding )and she was excited to say "I'm just glad to have pretty bread that tastes so yummy". I seriously doubt it ever tasted bad. Wonderful work Erin! I loved being part of the journey!

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J. P. said...

that bread is beautiful and looks exactly like the perfect loaves my grandmother used to turn out. I can almost smell them!---Lisa