Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cake deco 101...random thoughts

These are hand sculpted roses...made from tootsie rolls ( believe it or not). If you ever have the opportunity I highly recommend rolling roses from nougat candies. It's one of life's finer diversions in the land of fairy gum-drops. I've had a lot of practice with play dough over the years with my boys. I can also sculpt a pretty mean race car.

This is a random thought. One of the many that pass through my brain on a regular basis. Just about 20 years ago (oh dear...it CAN'T be that long...) I went to my first cake decorating class. It was a youth activity for my church given by a lady. I have since lost track of her location. Karen Knight is her name. So, here's a shout out for her," thanks for taking time out of your life to teach a bunch of squealing teens how to do a few shapes with a deco-bag." It changed things for me in ways Karen may not ever know. So, tomorrow night, I am doing the same for a bunch of girlie-girls. I never would have imagined myself as the responsible adult (nor do I now LOL!). It is insane how life changes and a once mentored soul soon becomes the mentor. It's insane how that great circle of life continues. I may not be changing the world in huge ways, but maybe tomorrow night, a daughter of God will recognize a new gift. Maybe she will see within her soul the seeds of greatness planted there by the most creative being in the universe...her Father. She will perhaps find her inner artistic ability to create. Starting small...with these little tootsie rolls. If anything, maybe we'll all just get a really good sugar rush from all the candy and frosting. Who knows. I just know that today, I am happy to try to pay back in some small way what Karen did for me. God bless you dear lady...wherever you are.

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