Monday, May 4, 2009

Angela's Pie and Grain Mills

One of my favorite fellow blogger is named Angela ( Adventures in Self Reliance and a a dealer for Country Living Grain Mills.). We met online. I don't sell grain mills, but if Angela does why not get one from a gal who is committed to helping people be prepared for an emergency? Plus she's a hard working SAH mom. Sorry for the shameless plug. I think she deserves to have a lot of success.

At any rate she sent me a great email and picture that I really wanted to share with everyone for several reasons. First, she made the hot cocoa cream pie... for all the right reasons. Anytime you can use food as a motivator to follow the Lord and share the Gospel, go for it. Secondly, it turned out nicely. Third, because she really used the vinegar in the Pie crust! And finally, because her daughter is just like pie, but give me the crust any day! Thanks for the great feedback Angela!
She writes:
" Hi Tess—had some fun with your hot cocoa cream pie yesterday—thought I’d share. I’ve been wanting to get my kids to go bear their testimonies on Fast Sunday for quite a few months but they wouldn’t do it. So this past Saturday, we had a little talk about how sweet it is to bear your testimony and if we did it, we could make a sweet chocolate pie. And what do you know? The whole family, even dad, ended up at the pulpit during testimony meeting on Sunday! SWEET!

So I made the pie and used your crust and it is fabulous! I’ve never used vinegar, so my son came and snitched a piece of unbaked crust and made a horrible face and said, “Is this okay to eat???” Hee hee. And my littlest one didn’t care much for the filling, she just wanted to eat everybody’s crust. That’s how good the crust is. We have some that like coconut and some that don’t, so we shredded chocolate chips on the other half. Not as pretty as yours, but still tasted great. Thanks! It was a hit. "
There you go. Now go see Angela's blog on how to dehydrate onions. It's really quite interesting!


Unknown said...

i love that story! it s great.

my mom uses the same recipe as you has always used vinegar in her crust recipe.

thanks for coming over and giving me a little love on my blog..i have just all together not felt well.. today is a little better!

Goob said...

love it!

Chef Tess said...

Thank you both for being so good at leaving me comments! They are like little gifts!