Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bread of Life...the Go Cart

This is the Sunday devotional...a little late. If any of you are here for just the food, feel free look around. I try to share a little spirit filled thought every Sunday, since that is where I gain my best inspiration.

We got a new go cart. As much as I, the mom, protested the event...I knew it was coming. Ace is a driver and my boys are following his lead. I only protested for fear that my children would end up impaled on a cactus and come out looking like a bad episode of the "Coyote and Roadrunner"...complete with the Acme Go Cart kit...and instructions written in Japanese. Needless to say, I was wrong. I can admit it right? Totally and without restraint I am now exposing the truth to the world...I was wrong. There never should have been any doubt in my mind that things wouldn't go well. After all, my children are in the hands of a loving and careful father who adores them. He would have jumped in front of the Go Cart and taken a prickly pear in the nose before he let my boys get hurt. So why did I worry?

When a loving Father in Heaven is in charge of the Go-cart of my life, why do I ever worry? He loves and adores me. He wants me to be happy. Why don't I trust him more? Are you with me? So, today this is my thought...with God cheering us on in the Heavenly bandstand, anxious for our there anything we can't do? Without a doubt, roll forward with your life. I will try a little harder this week to remember who is in charge of my Cart. Trust a little more...and be aware that any doubt I have isn't coming from an encouraging Father, but from the nay-Sayers of the world. I think I will listen to the One who sincerely wants me to be happy.

There you go.


Anonymous said...

I bought my son a dirt bike. On the first day he was using it, he crashed into a guard rail and wound up in the hospital emergency room. Fortunately, the prerequisite body armor took most of the damage.

Chef Tess said...

Oh that is scary! I hope your son is okay. We do have a dirt bike too, but the prerequisite body armor is a must!

Amy said...

Wonderful! I'll be keeping that in mind, myself. It's so hard to let go and give up what you think you're in control of (or not in control of, as it sometimes goes).