Monday, May 25, 2009

Homemade Bisquick

On my sister site,( ) I posted a recipe for Bisquick and then followed it with the recipe for an amazing pancake mix :Lemon Nutmeg and Cardamom pancakes...from a mix. I often give away biscuit mixes and soup mixes together as a special "thank you" gift or for most any occasion. People love getting something homemade. I think it is a sign I put thought and effort into something for them. I also love using them at home. The great thing about making your own mixes is that you can control the ingredients if you have a food allergy or just want to cut out chemicals.'s just cheaper! Here is one I really use a lot and have on hand constantly. Biscuits made from my own baking mix. The ones pictured have cheese folded into the dough and are just dropped onto the pan instead of rolled out. Cheese biscuits. Mmmm.

Baking Mix (my version of "Bisquick")

9 cups all purpose flour (organic whole wheat, use pastry wheat flour, and replace one cup of wheat flour with cornmeal or barley flour)

1 cup butter, cold (or I have used extra virgin coconut oil*, 1/2 cup)
1/3 cup baking powder
4tsp salt
1 cup fat free powdered milk (optional)

Put all ingredients in a kitchen-aid mixer and blend with the paddle attachment until consistency of Bisquick. If you use butter, store the mix in the fridge to avoid getting unwanted bacteria growth...away from the onions too (to avoid unwanted bad flavor growth).

For biscuits: 2 cups mix, 1/2 -3/4 cup cup cold water (depending on the flour*), Mix just until blended then roll out onto a lightly floured counter top or board about 1 inch thick. Cut into 12 little circles and bake 425 10-12 minutes on a heavy pan or stone.

There you go. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Chef Tess,

If you use coconut oil can you store the mix on the counter instead of in the fridge like you say to do with butter?

Chef Tess said...

Yes, not a problem with the coconut oil to keep it out of the fridge.

Di said...

can i use this mix and follow the normal amounts/instructions off the bisquick box to make dumplings and waffles? thanks a bunch! i'm so excited to try this!

Chef Tess said...

I think it's pretty close to the box stuff for how much liquid. has been so long since I've used the pre-made I can't remember! That's cool right? I use the same recipe for biscuits that I use for dumplings and addd a little less water for waffles than I do for pancakes. Simple stuff. Play! Let me know how it goes!Xoxo!

Rhona said...

Can I used powdered butter instead of real butter and leave it on the counter too?

Chef Tess said...

Yes. Powdered butter is great for this one! Xoxo!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I don't understand, can I use half white flour and half whole wheat flour? Don't understand the instructions in parenthesis.

Chef Tess said...

If you use whole wheat flour that isn't whole-grain-pastry flour, then it is most often in need of a lower protein flour like the corn or barley flour to be tender. Great question.