Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bread of Life...planting seeds

Sunday Morning is my time to write a little from my soul. Welcome. Let's take a trip to the greenhouse this fine Sunday. I think you will like this. These are the tomato plants from Organic Tomato Farming. I have seen them grow from the time they where tiny. Now, as I walk into the greenhouse and see them I gasp. I gasp almost every visit. They stun me. Standing on my tippy toes (yes, I say "tippy toes") I can't even reach the tops. They are outright giant.

How did they get so great? The only way any gardener finds success is through constant nurturing and care. Someone had to really want them to grow and put the effort into getting them to this point. Jim did most of the work. I came on the scene after they where planted and only started nurturing them when they where about waist high. There are so many deep spiritual lessons that can be taken from these plants. Today I have only one I want to share. The rest are in my soul for another day.
"The Lord has blessed us with sufficient perception to recognize in the creations a witness that He lives, so that anyone could have faith and believe on his name. All over the world men and women believe in some kind of superior being who created heaven and earth. They do not know what he is or who he is, but they at least believe in him. That is a great witness to me that the Lord set things up so that with nothing but his creations, we could have faith that he exists." (--Gene R. Cook, Living By the Power of Faith)
I have seen first hand evidence of a creator just in these tomatoes. I don't know any being on earth who has figured out how to create a cell from matter, let alone a group of cells that are as organized as a plant. How can anyone assume that things as complex could just happen by accident? I choose to believe in a Divine Creator. Not just believe by blind faith, but by overwhelming evidence! All things denote that there is a God. In a world where men and women are losing faith every day and doubting that God could know who they are or care about them as an individual...I am here to say that you are known. I've felt that love. I know it's real.
There you go.


Jana said...

Gardening always makes me think of Grandma just like bread. Thank you for sharing. I always enjoy these.

Chef Tess said...

Very welcome my sweet friend. Thanks for reading.