Monday, June 1, 2009

Cool Ranch Veggie Pizza

I finally made another pizza. It has been a while with all the funky-fabulous stuff going on around here and I needed to do something fast and fun for the ding-a-dang family so they didn't think I wasn't paying attention to if they would let me forget they existed. Sometimes I can't get them to stop talking...ever. Any other moms with me on that?! From the time they wake up until the time they actually physically fall asleep...they can't keep their mouth from talking. I know they get that from someone in the family...and it's not me. I'm not claiming that genetic issue. Unless of course, they are saying something excessively witty and charming while smiling and showing a dimple. Then they are mine. Cheek pinch. Hair tousle. Wink.

The pizza of choice was of course vegetarian. Ace was eating it. He's totally against any meat whatsoever on pizza...except pepperoni. I remind him that it is meat (of questionable meat content I might add) and he reminds me that I don't need to tell him everything. We have a good understanding. Pppfffhhh! He may fall into that magical whimsical creature category..."Flexatarian". I think they eat meat selectively. Kinda like my boys' selective hearing. But without the eye jabbing. NO I don't jab my kids in the eyes.
I jab Ace.
At any rate, I started with some of the 5 day bread dough. It was already in the fridge ready to be made into anything I wanted this week, so pizza was a logical choice. Use 1/4 of the dough.
For the sauce I used ranch salad dressing mixed with a clove of fresh pressed garlic and a tsp of dill.
Topped with
1 lb fresh mozzarella (sliced)
1 orange bell pepper(chopped),
8 oz sliced mushrooms,
2 medium vine ripe tomatoes--only the best.(Organic Tomato Farming)
1/2 cup chopped green onions, and a healthy dose of chopped fresh parsley. Salt and pepper. Baked 425 degrees 25-30 minutes.
Ace ate so much that he had to put on his stretchy pants. Believe me, that shouldn't be legal in any country. Nobody should have to see that. Of course, after the eye jabbing...he can't see anything either. Wink, smile and a dimple.
There you go.

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