Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fried Green Tomatoes

Ace has been begging me to make more fried green tomatoes. Given his initial snobbery at the mere mention of the dish, I find his begging most exciting. Okay. I admit, I like seeing him beg for food anyway. It makes up for the bad experience we had last week with my foot rub (Baker's Hands... ). A few weeks ago I ventured in to new territory when I tried making fried green tomatoes for the first time. I had heard that they where delicious. I had also heard that they where an acquired taste. I was willing to give them a try. Thank goodness for Organic Tomato Farming and access to the tomatoes. I've never seen green tomatoes in the farmer's market here. It has been insane fun trying new things with them like Green Tomato Marmalade. I don't want to offend any true Southern cooks with my lack of knowledge in this area. I honestly had no idea how to make them other than breading them and frying them in oil. I've since been told that they are best fried in butter and using cornmeal in the breading (Thanks Shellee!). I actually adored them with the cornmeal, but still used very little butter. Ace ate 3 plates and dipped them in Homemade Ranch Dressing. If I was in the South, I probably would fit in nicely. I love Elvis. I pickle stuff. I now make fried green tomatoes. I found them tart and crisp and loved the buttery flavor. I only ate a few, due to the deep fried nature of the beasts. Will I make them again? Yes. Yes I will.

How did I make them? Again, if your from the South and these are different from how you make them...I apologize. This is how I did it.
Dip thick slices of green tomato in buttermilk or egg and then a mixture of flour and cornmeal (50/50) with black pepper and salt. Fry in butter or oil 5-7minutes until golden brown (3 minutes on each side). Serve hot with ranch dressing if desired.

There you go.

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