Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bread of Life...Candles

Sunday is my day to share a little of my spirit. Welcome.
Why is it that the candles on a birthday cake bring joy, but sometimes the candles during a storm are seemingly powerless against fear?
Last night we had one of the longest power outages I can remember. It went well past 3 AM. It made me really grateful we had some candles and flashlights working in the house. It also made me think about a few things. My kids where so scared, even with the flash lights, that it took them several hours to fall asleep. Even then, it wasn't until the power was back on that they fell into peaceful sleep. We talked a lot about Jesus and the light. But, why, even then did they feel nervous? I sang songs (no comments on my singing being the reason they where scared). When I asked Little Man why he was so scared, Little Man said he kept thinking of scary things. I came to the stark conclusion that despite my efforts, if my son didn't change his own thoughts, there wasn't much I could do. It didn't stop my encouragement, but it did make me wonder if God ever feels like His constant encouragement is falling on deaf ears and fearful minds.

Why when we have light do we let fear of the dark overcome us? Why don't we focus on the joy and the light? Is it because the dark is more powerful? Or, more likely, is it because we allow our fears to take over? Faith and doubt can't exist in the same mind at the same time. It's a powerful thing to let the light fill the darkness. We have to fight the darkness and the fear. Then, the power of God can fill us with peace. Then we will find rest.


Shellee said...

Amen, Steph, Amen.

BTW, would you mind sending the storms in our direction, we haven't seen ANYTHING while everyone around us gets it all. This is my favorite time of the year because of the storms... especially where the kids are all scared and end up in my bed.

Erin said...

Thanks so much. I needed to be reminded. Faith and hope are something we actively participate in. They don't just happen on their own.

Jana said...

Thanks Tess, I needed that today. Plus, I've heard you sing and I love your voice!