Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bread of Life...Subs

Welcome to my Sunday posts. This one day a week I share some deeper than food thoughts. Enjoy.

Last week, in the chaos of summer vacation with my kids, I was able to step back and have a little time away. One sweet friend named Heather was gracious enough to go out with me for some much needed "girl time". It was nice to sit in one of our local sub shops and, free from the prattle of children, have time to connect. It was one of those chats where we talked about everything and nothing. It was just time to allow our minds to relax. We didn't need subs to chat, but it was a good excuse.
I thought about that chat later and realized that it may have been several weeks since we really talked and I had lost track of the things going on in Heather's life. I wonder if God feels that way sometimes. I wonder if there are times, as a loving Father, he wishes we would make some time to sit down and have a nice long heartfelt talk. Do we relax our minds and tell Him what we are going through and allow the friendship to grow? Thank goodness we can pray anywhere and know that a friend is willing to listen. We don't have to clear His schedule or plan an event. God is always there...always ready to love us.

No subs required.


Unknown said...

no matter where i am in life.. no matter my situation.
i i have always made room for prayer.
i have told my kids their whole lives, everything is better with prayer. prayer is my comfort. my talk with my savior. he is someone who is always willing to listen,when there is no one else. he is there.

Chef Tess said...

Amen Sister!

TARA said...

Love this post! Love YOU, girl!