Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bread of Life Section...Avoidance.

Sunday is my real day. It's the day I bare my soul. So, here we go. Ever notice how much I love chocolate? Just curious. Is it possible that I use it sometimes to avoid what would really make me most happy? Have I settled? Have you? In the middle of "looking busy" doing good is is possible to really miss what it feels like to be good? I read once that it is very important to "be careful that in avoiding the appearance of evil, we have settled for the appearance of peace". I'm all for working and doing good works. I'm a big believer in "when you have done it unto the least of have done it unto me." Doing good is just part of how I try to live. That's not in question. We ought to do good things. Always. The thing in question is this...What form of comfort and power do I choose? When is it okay to choose something other than the Lord?...Ever? I'm mortal. I live in a world of mortals. Yet, is it possible to feel the power and strength of an immortal and perfect Being with infinite power and ability to create universes and worlds? God who is perfectly loving, comforting and forgiving is aware of my weaknesses. In choosing other comfort do I settle for less than the most premium comfort. Am I choosing mortal chocolate instead of chocolate for my soul? In the confines of your heart, you and only you know if your heart is sure. Does anyone else? Yea. He...only One.


Erin said...

I love your Bread of life sections. I really needed this one.


Chef Tess said...

Erin, you are a beautiful person. I'm so thankful to have you in my life!