Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bread of Life Section...Corny stuff.

This morning instead of blogging, I answered the phone when it rang. I'm so glad I did. It was my mom and we talked for almost an hour. She started by saying "hey, this may be corny, but I felt like I needed to call and tell you how much I loved you today." It was a good hour full of love. That about sapped my free time until this afternoon and I still wanted to add my Sunday post, specifically in light of what we talked about while on the phone this morning. I live several hundred miles away from my parents. For those who don't know, my father is a world famous gardener. His flowers are seen all over the world. Literally. Every year, twice a year, in countries all over the world, people of our faith see my dad's flowers. It's pretty awesome. His ability to make this grow is on of God's greatest gifts in my life. While talking to my mom, she told me about his latest harvest of corn from the garden and how they had an impromptu dinner with several neighbors. Dad's produce blessed the table in abundance. I was already feeling homesick and this conversation was almost too much. I started bawling. Like a big sissy baby. It was pathetic. But, I don't share this to make anyone feel sad for me.

The point of mom's call was that she wanted me to know how much they loved me and how proud they where of me. I get that call a lot from them, but today I was especially in need of it. Anyone else ever have those days? Days where you just need to know that someone loves you and is proud of you? In my prayer this morning I asked God to please send me some love. Two minutes later the phone was ringing. An hour later, I had no doubt that my mom had listened to God's Spirit and called me to share that love. It sounds corny. Almost as corny as that big old harvest from my daddy's garden. I am convinced that many, many, many times we miss what God puts on our table...and he makes sure someone calls or visits to let us know that He is mindful of us as an individual. I felt it today. I'm glad it was a corny day. My point...if you feel like being corny today, you should be. It may be just what someone else needs.

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mlebagley said...

I know just what you are talking about here. Truly the Lord hears our prayers and answers them through his servants on this earth. I'm glad that your mom is my mom too....she is one of the Lord's trusted servants because she always listens when he asks her to serve lift us when we are down, and when we didn't realize we would be headed there...