Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bread of Life...Cookie dough

Sunday is my day to share a little of my soul. So...naturally I have chosen the subject of cookie dough. Not for the obvious food related obsessive need to show pictures of deliciousness on the blog, but for the spiritual side dough.

A lot of you know that I work part time in my church's youth ministry. We don't have paid ministry so it's a purely voluntary service. At any rate, a few weeks ago I found myself teaching these amazing and beautiful youth some fundamentals of baking. At the end of the night we had several plates of warm chocolate chip cookies to take to some members of our congregation. I have to admit...I was really starving. I had missed dinner in a rush to get to the church in time to set things up. Now 3 hours later, I didn't really want to give away cookies. I wanted to eat those bad boys! So, I had one. I had each of the young women have one. Then we took them away to those who really needed them. It was a good night, not because we shared cookies. I was able to face one of my most challenging weaknesses...selfishness. I was able to look if only briefly, at this service as an act of love instead of an act of duty. Ironically, by the time I left the church building, I wasn't hungry. I was filled. Think about what motivated your actions. Is it love or is it purely duty? When you are in the service of your fellow men, you are in the service of God. Initially you may be serving out of duty to help others. However, in the end, the heart God changes may be your own. What a powerful change it is.

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Unknown said...

mosiah 2:7 when people ask me my favorite scripture this is the one i quote. my blog has carried it since the early days.
i believe without service we are not whole. people don't realise
how simple service can be. a simple phone call or note, sometimes is all it takes to bring sunshine to elderly sisters day, or a young mother who doesn't get much contact with adults all day... ok. i can go on... but i won't thanks for this blog. in every way from the summer salads to the bread in a pot to the sundays bread of life. i enjoy.